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Term of services

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1.  The services provided by the Hotel

Under these Terms the ,Hotel Service Provision’ refers to the Guest accommodation and catering services,lease of the Hotel premises for organising conferences and/or other events.

2. The order of making and confirmation of a reservation

2.1 Service reservations shall be sent to the Hotel by fax or e-mail.

2.2 Individual Guests in their service reservation shall indicate the number of arriving guests, their names, surnames, the category (kind) of a requested room or rented premices, arrival and departure dates as well the mode of payment for the services;

2.3 If the Hotel has got a ‘Hotel Service Provision agreement’ or any other individual Agreement with a physical or legal person, such person shall indicate the code of the ‘Hotel Service Provision Agreement’ or any other individual agreement while presenting the reservation.

2.4 If the person defined in Cause 2.3 of these Terms, do not indicate the information required by the clause, the Hotel is not liable to provide the services at the terms and costs indicated in the ,Hotel Service Provision Agreement’ or any other individual agreement;

2.5 Having received the reservation of the hotel services by fax, e-mail or at the Reservation Office, the Hotel shall present complete information to the Guest on the Hotel services requested to be reserved (prepayment invoice), indicating the advanced payment for the reserved Hotel services and the due date of the prepayment;

2.6 On receipt of the prepayment for the reserved Hotel services, the Hotel shall confirm the reservation of the Hotel services by fax, e-mail or at the Reservation Office and give a confirmation number to every reservation. (The confirmation number , which is given to the guest who has reserved the Hotel services, is a number confirming the reservation of the Hotel services). The reservation with an assigned confirmation number is considered as a guaranteed reservation. In exceptional cases defined by the Hotel, partially paid reservations can be regarded as guaranteed. The reservation of Hotel services can be guaranteed by a credit card, prepayment or an agreement with the Hotel.

2.7 A non-guaranteed reservation is a reservation of the Hotel services without an assigned confirmation number. Non-guaranteed reservations of the Hotel services are considered  as such since the moment when the guest makes a reservation in any way stated in the Terms till 2 p.m. of the day indicated in the prepayment invoice for the advanced payment. On the expiration of this period the Hotel is entitled to cancel/cancels the Guest’s non-guaranteed reservation.

3. Prices and Payments

3.1 The Hotel prices (with VAT) and the payment order and terms are determined in the Hotel Service Provision Contract, individual agreements abd offers, the Hotel Service Provision Contract, individual agreements and offers, the Hotel webpage www.shahryar-hotel.com and other official Hotel promotion and information issues;

3.2 The Hotel services  can be paid in cash, by credit card or a bank transfer;

3.3 If not agreed otherwise, the Hotel services shall be fully paid after the provision of servoces. In case there is the ‘Hotel Service Provision Contract’ or any other individual agreement, the negotiated order and terms of Payment for the Hotel services are valid;

3.4 If the number of Guests accommodated in the room is more than it is indicated in the confirmation of the Hotel reservation all extra Guests are extra charged according to the agreement between the Parties.

3.4 The reserved and confirmed services which were not used by the Guests shall not be compensated.

3.5 The amounts of deposits and deposit payment terms and order are indicated in the Hotel Service Provision Contract, individual agreements and offers and are presented in the deposit payment invoices issued by the Hotel;

3.6 The Hotel service price stated in the confirmation of the Hotel Service Provision Reservation can be changed only by a written agreement between the parties.

3.7 The Hotel  Service  price can be changed without a prior written notice only in cases when the change of the state tax rate  or the  tax payment order is changed according to the Law, the Government resolutions or other legislation acts.

The Hotel takes precautions to ensure the safety of the collection, transfer, management and keeping of Guest’s/ Guests’ personal information and data, however it assumes no liability for incorrect or inaccurate information and data provided by the Hotel Guest/Guests and the consequences of usage of such information and data or direct or indirect harm caused to the quest by such information. During the Chek-in to the Hotel, the Guest fills out a ,Hotel Guest’s Registration Card’ and indicates his/her name, surname, address, the name and number of a personal identity document, arrival and departure dates, payment mode and other data needed to the establishment and signs.

During the Chek-in the Hotel may require the Guest to present a personal identification document:

- To make sure the Guest seeking to get the Hotel services has presented the correct and complete personal information and data in the , Hotel Guest’s Registration card’ and to ensure the correctness of the presented information and data;

-To check the identity of the holder of the payment means, the validity and legality of the payment and other related transactions.

The Hotel collects, handles and keeps the data and information presented by the Guest in compliance with the Law of Personal Data Protection of the Islamic Republic of  Iran and other legal acts, regulating the order of the personal data collection, management and keeping.